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  • Introducing MasterPass
  • User Profile Management
  • Business Account Management
  • Integrating with MasterPass - General
  • Integrating with MasterPass - Implementing new User Interface
  • Integration with MasterPass – Connect Checkout
  • Starting Integration - Third Party Platform Provider
  • Starting Integration - Internal or Contract Developer
  • Completing Integration - Developer Tasks
  • Operations
  • What is MasterPass and what are its benefits?
  • How much does MasterPass cost?
  • What do I need to do to offer MasterPass on my Website?
  • What payment methods and currencies are supported by MasterPass?
  • To what countries can my MasterPass sales be shipped?
  • What shopping channels/experiences are supported?
  • How does MasterPass handle Consumers' CVC/CVV2 information?
  • Am I locked into a contract?
  • My registration has been under review for some time, what are the next steps?
  • My application was rejected, what are the next steps?
  • What is MasterPass and what are its benefits? MasterPass enables online merchants to convert browsers into buyers by storing consumer's payment, billing and shipping details in order to provide a fast, convenient, and secure checkout experience at a merchant's website.

    When a consumer opts to use a digital wallet that’s been integrated into the MasterPass acceptance network at checkout, he/she clicks the MasterPass button on your website and is taken to the MasterPass sign-in page. After the consumer chooses the integrated digital wallet he/she’d like to use and successfully authenticates, he/she chooses the payment card and shipping address he/she wishes to use. MasterPass then securely transfers the consumer’s payment and shipping information to your website’s confirmation page, where he/she then completes checkout. Finally, you submit the consumer’s payment information to your acquirer as usual for processing.

    MasterPass is free for consumers and merchants to use, and enables the same world-class checkout experience across multiple connected channels (desktop, .mobi sites, iPhone app and Android app). And the best part – you can enable MasterPass without any changes to your payments processing.