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  • What is Credit Union 1 Wallet?

    Credit Union 1 Wallet by Credit Union 1® is a free digital wallet service that makes online shopping safe and easy by storing all of your payment and shipping information in one convenient and secure place. With Credit Union 1 Wallet, you simply shop, click and checkout faster online.

    • Works with all of these credit, debit and prepaid cards Used with MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club International, Discover, Visa, American Express
    • Works on any connected device Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops
    • Use it anywhere you see this button at checkout Buy with MasterPass
  • It's Convenient

    Store your favorite cards and shipping addresses in your Credit Union 1 Wallet. Then, when checking out online, just sign in and let Credit Union 1 Wallet do the rest. The merchant gets the information they need, and you get to skip reentering all of your payment data.

    • Sign in to your account Phone 1
    • Confirm your payment and shipping information Phone 2
    • Checkout - without reentering all of your payment data. Phone 3
  • It's Safe

    Shop with confidence online at any store - large or small - that displays the Buy with MasterPass button. The multi-tiered security built in to MasterPass makes it as safe as it is convenient.

    • Confirm your identity through an added security question.
    • We send your data to the merchant over an encrypted channel. Security
    • Optional Mobile Verification of your online order via text* *Message and data rates may apply. Mobile Verification
*Message and data rates may apply.
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