Frequently Asked Questions
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What benefits does accepting Masterpass™ checkout offer a merchant?
With Masterpass, you can help remove barriers at the moment of payment by delivering a simple, secure and convenient shopping experience across channels. And because Masterpass is backed by banks worldwide, you gain access to customers who trust banks more than other companies for digital payment solutions.
How much does Masterpass cost?
There are no fees for customers or merchants to use Masterpass. You may incur development costs if you use a third party to help you enable Masterpass at point of sale.
How is Masterpass different from other mobile payment solutions?
Masterpass is different because it is built for the customer and backed by banks. It is also the first digital wallet that works across every shopping platform and device.
How and where do customers use Masterpass?
Masterpass is designed to work with the largest range of devices, major web browsers, and apps for both iOS and Android. Payments with Masterpass can be made online or in-app.