Frequently Asked Questions
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About Masterpass

What is Masterpass™?
Masterpass by Mastercard is a digital wallet service that makes online shopping easy, secure, and convenient. Masterpass stores all your payment and shipping information in one central, secure location. With Masterpass, you can shop, click, and checkout faster online.
Is Masterpass safe?
Your account security is our top priority. Masterpass is powered by Mastercard, which has a long-standing reputation of trust and security. Our secure servers and technology are designed to protect your information.
Where can I pay with Masterpass today?
You can use Masterpass wherever you see the Masterpass  button online or in your favourite retailer's app. Visit .
How do I sign up for Masterpass?
Go to the Masterpass home page and click or tap Sign up. It's as simple as that. You can even sign up while shopping online by selecting the Masterpass button at checkout, where it is accepted. 
What cards can I use with Masterpass?
You can add credit, debit, or prepaid cards from Mastercard, American Express and Visa.
How do I use Masterpass to buy something online?
Once you've filled your online shopping cart and are ready to checkout, click or tap the  Masterpass button. If you have already used your wallet on this browser, then simply Sign In and choose the payment card and shipping addresses you wish to use from those that you have previously saved. You can even add a new card or shipping address during checkout. 
Do I have to pay to use Masterpass?
There are no fees or charges to use  Masterpass. You may incur standard messaging fees from your mobile phone carrier if you opt to receive text message alerts.
Why am I being prompted for additional security information when adding or editing a card?

In line with the RBI requirements, Masterpass facilitates network-based authentication of users for e-commerce transactions up to Two Thousand Rupees (Rs. 2000), undertaken using a Mastercard card issued by a participating bank. For such transactions, you will not be required to enter a bank-originated one-time or static password. For all other transactions, you may be prompted for an online checkout security measure, put in place by the bank or institution that issued your card. By entering your additional security information when you purchase online at participating merchants, you confirm that you are the authorized cardholder and your purchase can then be completed securely. This measure helps to reduce the risk of card fraud on your account.

For more information on Mastercard SecureCode, please visit the following url:
. For more information on Verified by Visa, please visit the following url: