Frequently Asked Questions
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About Masterpass

What is Masterpass™?
Masterpass is a secure digital payment system that offers your customers simplicity and speed by storing their information in one place. You can accept Masterpass at checkout online, in your app, and in stores via contactless payments.
Is Masterpass safe?
Masterpass strengthens transactions across channels, leveraging multiple layers of security to help protect merchants and customers from fraud. Security tools include user identity and verification, card tokenization, issuer authentication and fraud monitoring.
How do customers sign up for Masterpass?
Customers can sign up for Masterpass on their bank's website/app, or directly at if their bank does not offer Masterpass.
Does Masterpass support non-Mastercard payments?
Yes – cards from other networks can be used in Masterpass when checking out online or in-app. However, only Mastercard cards can take advantage of contactless transactions. For a full list of issuers who have contactless Mastercard transactions available, visit the "Tap and Pay List" page.
How many banks and retailers support Masterpass?
Masterpass is accepted by hundreds of thousands of retailers, at millions of stores and online locations. Masterpass is also a trusted partner of dozens of banks and issuers worldwide.