Frequently Asked Questions
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What benefits does accepting Masterpass checkout offer me?

Masterpass can help remove barriers at checkout by delivering a simple and fast online shopping experience across channels.

However, Masterpass has upgraded to a new payment option, Mastercard Secure Remote Commerce. This new digital checkout option brings Mastercard security technology to online payments and is designed to make your consumers feel as secure and confident paying online as they do in store.

For now, Masterpass will continue to function as a payment solution for previously enrolled consumers.

How and where do consumers use Masterpass?

Masterpass is designed to work across most devices and browsers. Payments with Masterpass can be made online.

However, Masterpass is being upgraded to Mastercard Secure Remote Commerce and will temporarily coexist with this new way to pay.

Mastercard Secure Remote Commerce is a secure, convenient digital checkout option that also works across devices and web browsers.