Making payments painless

Masterpass™ helps you provide seamless and secure shopping experiences

What is Masterpass?

Masterpass is a secure digital payment system, designed for how your customers want to shop, that integrates into your existing platforms.

Meets your customers where they are

They can shop online, on your app, or in store using your personalised QR code. 

Your customers can pay with any bank card they have

Customers can pay with any major  global debit, credit or cheque cards and not restricted to Mastercards only

Saves your customers time and hassle

No more queueing to pay bills, top op of prepaid airtime and buying online, in store or in app has never been so easy and secure.

Featured partners

Masterpass powers millions of transactions daily, across the globe. Join the network of retailers and issuers offering a modern and secure way to pay.
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Quick and easy integration

Mastercard developers are here to help you every step of the way. Whether you're designing a checkout flow or personalised QR code, we have a customizable solution for you.

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