Frequently Asked Questions

About Masterpass

What is Masterpass™?
Masterpass is a digital payment solution that allows you to make payments faster by storing all of your payment  information in one secure location. Say goodbye to checkout forms, forgotten passwords, or rummaging through your wallet. Download your bank's Masterpass app today and load a participating credit, debit or cheque card to get started.
Is Masterpass safe?
Yes. Your account is protected by layers of Mastercard security that keep your payment and identity details hidden. Go to our Security FAQ to learn more.
Where can I pay with Masterpass?
You can pay with Masterpass wherever you see the Masterpass button—online , in store or in your favorite retailer's app. When you're at a store, look for the Masterpass enabled QR code. Visit our Featured Retailers page to see which of your favorite stores accepts Masterpass.  You can now also pay your bills anytime, anywhere using your bank's Masterpass app. You can also scan SnapScan or Zapper QR codes.
How do I sign up for Masterpass?
Customers can sign up for Masterpass by downloading their banks Masterpass wallet  from within the App store. FNB and Nedbank customers can utilise their respective Nedbank Money or FNB/RMB apps to scan to pay.
Which cards can I use with my Masterpass account?
Masterpass accepts most major debit ,credit and cheque cards. Load your Masterpass with  Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Diners Club and Maestro
How do I pay with Masterpass online?
If making a desktop browser purchase, simply click or tap the Masterpass button on the retailer's checkout page, scan the QR code with your  Masterpass App on your smartphone, and confirm. If making a mobile purchase, simple click or tap the Masterpass button in retailer's checkout page, and confirm.
How do I pay with Masterpass at the store?

To make in-store payments, you'll need to use your bank's  Masterpass app. When you're at a retailer that accepts QR payments:

1.) Scan the Masterpass enabled QR code with your smartphone

2.) Enter your bank card PIN or enter your One Time PIN (OTP)

3.) Receive payment confirmation

That's all. You've scanned,  you've paid, and you can get on with your day.

Is it free to pay with Masterpass?
Yes. There are no additional fees or charges to use Masterpass.