Frequently Asked Questions
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I forgot my password - what do I do?
Simply go to the Masterpass homepage to sign in, select the Forgot your Password link, and follow the on-screen instructions. If you need to change your password, click Edit next to Wallet Information. From there, enter your old and new Password to change your information. When you’re finished be sure to select Continue
How do I add a new card to my wallet?
Simply sign in to your Masterpass account and click on Add Card. Enter your card details and be sure to save.
How do I remove a card from my wallet?
Simply sign in to your account, select the card you want to remove, and select Delete.
How do I update my card or billing information?
Simply sign in to your Masterpass account to edit your card information, wallet information, or shipping addresses.  You cannot edit your billing address and will have to re-add your card with the updated billing address if that has changed. 
How do I delete my Masterpass account?
We're sorry that you have chosen to close your account. If this is in response to a service issue we encourage you to contact #{Customer_Support_Email_Sender_Name} at #{customer_care_phone_number}. You can delete your account at any time by logging on from your computer. First, you'll need to sign into your Masterpass account using either your mobile number or email. Once you're signed in, click Edit next to Wallet Information.  Under Wallet Information select the Delete Wallet link at the bottom left side of the page. You will receive a pop up asking you to confirm that you wanted your wallet deleted - click to confirm. When your account is deleted, all information is removed from the Masterpass database. 
I'm signing in on a new device and it's asking me for more authentication - what do I do?
If this is your first time checking out with your wallet on this browser, you will simply have to select your wallet, sign in and authenticate via a onetime code that will be sent to your phone or email.  Then choose your card and shipping address and hit Continue.